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How curiosity boosts memory

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Photo: Pixabay/CC0 1.0 You’re sitting at your desk, desperately trying to learn a list of facts about a mind-numbingly boring subject for an exam the next day. You give up and decide to relax by watching a documentary about a fascinating subject. After all of the effort you put into trying to learn the facts for the exam, you find that you can’t remember a single one of them, although you can remember the tiniest details from the documentary.

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‘Inner GPS’ of a bird’s brain helps it find food

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Clark’s Nutcracker (Image: Wing-Chi Poon, CC BY-SA)

cytotec sivuvaikutukset The 2014 Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine was awarded to three neuroscientists for their pioneering work on the brain’s “inner GPS system”. Over the course of four decades, they revealed that a small part in the brain called the hippocampus stores a map of animals’ surroundings and helps them navigate.

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Despite metamorphosis, moths hold on to memories from their caterpillar days

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drippyhippie, CC BY-NC-ND
Metamorphosis (Photo: drippyhippie/CC BY-NC-ND)

Metamorphosis has fascinated biologists for years.  A butterfly may look drastically different from its former worm-like caterpillar self, but we now know that its appearance and memories are tremendously influenced by caterpillar experiences. 

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